K7 Twist

K7 Twist

Size matters

Size matters and looks count – The K7 Twist is small and just plain cool.
It’s made for compact installation, easy focusing and great light.
The K7 Twist has become very popular as museum display lighting. It’s easy to focus, takes up very
little space, looks good and delivers a great lighting.
The K7 Twist is attached via a strong neodymium magnet and can be focused in any direction.
Beam control is obtained by the use of quick change lenses and honeycombs.
The K7 Twist comes with a 2W LED at 2700K, 3000K or 4000K LED.
With a diameter of 41mm/1.61″ it is suitable for most setups.
Diammable powersupply and distribution PCBs are part of the K7 Twist product range.

K7 Twist benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • Very low power consumption
  • High reliability
  • Very compact and versatile unit
  • 50’000 hour lamp life
  • A range of easy change lenses
  • Available as 2700K, 3000K and 4000K
The K7 Twist kit includes…:
6 pcs – K7 Twist: 3m cable, selected LED color temperature and selected housing color
6 pcs – Narrow lens
6 pcs – Honeycomb
6 pcs – Optical mount
6 pcs – Retaining ring
6 pcs – O-ring base mount
6 pcs – Metal base mount (For angles below 45°)


Typical forward current 700 ma
Typical forward voltage: 3V

Max. Forward Current: 1050 mA
Typical Forward Voltage: 3V
50’000 hour life
High CRI 92+ Typ.
DIMENSIONS: (Head only)
D: 41 mm / 1.61″
Weight: 60 g / 0.13 lbs

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