Ledheimer 2

Ledheimer 2

BBS Lighting expands its lineup
BBS Lighting expands its lineup of professional LED lighting fixtures with
the Ledheimer PAR. The high CRI LED PARs, available in both daylight and tungsten balanced color,
combine the tried and true PAR design with all the advantages of LED lighting technology. They are
compact, lightweight, reliable, and produce soft yet powerful output, even in hard to light shadows
and offer the multifold benefits of LED technology.

Versatile Color and Beam Control
To meet the beam angle demands of lighting directors and directors of photography, Ledheimers offer
three interchangeable reflectors for narrow 15°, medium 25° and wide 40° beams. Because the LED
fixtures are cool compared to tungsten and HMI PARs, reflectors can be changed immediately—without
waiting for cool down.

Low Heat, Low Power, High Savings
The LED lighting technology’s low-heat generation is immediately appreciated by on-camera talent and
lighting technicians who don’t have to wait for the fixtures to cool. Plus, lower heat output means a
lower power bill, not just for running the lights, but also reduced air conditioning costs. At 8-times more
energy efficient than tungsten PARs, the Ledheimers provide quick payback on investment. Plus the long
bulb life of Ledheimers, up to 50,000 hours, brings more savings for ten or more years into the future.

Full Range Dimming
Flicker-free, Ledheimers can be dimmed (100 percent to zero) manually on the fixture, or via DMX512
protocol. Dimming does not change the color temperature of their output. Dimming status is displayed
on an on-fixture screen.

Power Options
Ledheimer fixtures can be powered from standard AC outlets, drawing a maximum of 150W for 110-
270V 50-60Hz. Maximum draw for each Ledheimer is 150W.

  • Available in either 3200 Kelvin or 5600 Kelvin colour temperatures
  • High light output
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent shadow rendering
  • Compact, versatile
  • Internal dimmer 100 percent to zero
  • Choice of 3 Interchangeable reflectors: 15º – 25º – 40º
  • No cool-down time required
  • Power off AC 110-270V with 150W power draw maximum
  • DMX 512 or manual on-fixture control
  • Silent Operation
  • 100% Flicker free
  • Special effects strobing mode
  • Powercon and DMX 5 pin XLR in/out for daisy-chaining


POWER: Switch Mode Power Supply, AC power 100-270V nominal , 50/60Hz
Max. power consumption: 150 W
Amps @ 230 volts = 0.7 Amps
Amps @ 115 volts = 1.4 Amp
Ambient operating temperature: 0-40°C / 0-104°F
Ultra silent pulse fan assisting the large heatsink when needed.
LAMP: High quality Cold Led array 5600 Kelvin. CRI 90+ up to 50’000 hours bulb life
High quality Cold Led array 3200 Kelvin. CRI 90+ up to 50’000 hours bulb life
DMX in/out for daisy chaining
8/16 bit dimming 0 to 100 %, up to 4 control channels in 16 bit mode, selectable via digital display.
DIMENSIONS: DIMENSIONS: Length: 230 mm / 8,27”
Width: 260 mm / 8,66”
Height: 300 mm / 10,23”
Weight: 4,7 kg / 10,36 lbs
Ledheimer 2 incorporates all the above and the proven technology,
quality and durability that BB&S is known for worldwide.
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